radonji.ch is a nomad architecture practice led by Marko Radonjić (b. 1984).

It officially started in 2019 after years of formal employment and freelance experience in the field of architecture, design and contemporary dance.

It is so far anonymous.

It deals with different typologies such as housing, power plants, education, reconstruction, etc.

It won Grand Prix at Montenegrin Architecture Salon (Podgorica, 2018) for the power house of small hydropower plant Bistrica Majstorovina (co-author Marija Stanojević).

Within Solveig Dara Draško Collective, it was shortlisted for the annual prize Store Arne (Copenhagen, 2019) organised by Danish Association of Architects for the house Kålagervej 25 (co-authors Peter Andersen and Ivana Mihaljević).

Practice has no permanent place and permanent team.

It is always open for any proposal and model of collaboration.

If you have any thoughts or inquires, we can get in touch by ︎ ︎ ︎.

2013 — Montenegrin Salon of Architecture (Cetinje)
2015 — OUTSIDE: Second Look at Competition Projects (Belgrade)
2018 — Salon of Architecture (Novi Sad)
2018 — Montenegrin Salon of Architecture (Podgorica)
2019 — Balkan Architecture Biennale (Belgrade)