Skæring Bæk

Laying between the city and countryside, Skæring Bæk is about to house 90 new apartments as part of AAB's vision. The project is conceived through four main themes, so that the desire for good public housing that is sustainable, identity-creating, functional and human-friendly can be brought to life. These themes are: nature, building, connections and community. We wanted to realise the potential of Skæring Bæk as an area where future residents can live and have their everyday lives in the middle of nature — the housing is placed in the tall grass, so that the feeling of being present in nature is strengthened.

A proportional distribution of 2, 3, and 4-bedroom apartments has been created to accommodate a diverse collection of residents from singles and couples spanning all ages to small and large families with children. If the needs change over time, the housing principle is conceived so that rooms can be added and subtracted from the apartments without deteriorating the quality of housing. The buildings are thought to be built in wood, either as full wood construction or in a hybrid version. We want to offer generous outdoor space of a versatile nature between the buildings, which can be reached from any apartment in just a few steps. Common everyday and festive activities can be held here, and the location of the settlement farthest west gives as much distance as possible to the busy and noisy Grenåvej. Wild nature reigns along the creek. Our goal is to add beauty to nature.
DK — Aarhus

Competition entry


Peter Andersen, Ivana Mihaljević, Marko Radonjić

Dragan Mirković