Bistrica Majstorovina

The context of the power house is tackled with consideration of two factors: a gorge that the river has pierced, and the nearby primary school. Our goal was to bring the house closer to the people and open it for visitors. Abstract forms and geometric shapes, which correspond to natural surroundings, excite children’s imagination. The house particularly tickles sensory perception and awareness of scale and proportion depending on one’s distance and access. It looks as if it were stranded on the shore and rested there. The combination of pebble, pigmented concrete, wooden textures and surrounding greenery work together on a phenomenological level. The building creates tactile experiences and triggers sensations: there’s an interplay between the freshness and the flow of the river and the sternness of spiky wood chips from rough boards, which can pierce through the skin if not carefully handled. Hands splintered with thorns from the boards, stained with red, almost earth mass, and with legs turned blue by the cold water – it’s but a joyful play in nature.
ME — Bijelo Polje, Ravna Rijeka




Marija Stanojević, Marko Radonjić

Grand Prix at Montenegrin Architecture Salon 2018