Kålagervej 25

The house represents a daily architecture in a typical residential area in Copenhagen consisting almost completely of detached single-family houses. The central in situ concrete core forms a fluid spatial structure with life evolving around it. From the street side, the house is perceived as a composition of two volumes: the mansard and the “introvert” ground floor, both having almost identical proportions. Towards the yard, the house seems to have been cut down and opened all over the facade looking at the existing pines. Through the focus on the basic structural elements, created spaces emphasise the architectural quality of fullness and emptiness, light and shadow, reflection and circulation.

As a young team, we were interested in how to shape the architectural essence of the house, and we decided to improve what makes the house: walls, slab and roof. Working closely with the structural engineer we succeeded in reducing the bearing walls to the internal concrete core, which envelopes bathrooms, laundry, technical installations, with kitchen line attached on the outside. By forming a slab of only 15 cm it was possible to make a fully transparent rear façade with an almost invisible horizontal division line. The roof is a typical wooden structure that responds to the challenges of form, allowing the curvature to be seen both from inside and outside. The exterior is coated with simple bitumen shingles, creating a solid, monolithic look along with anthracite facade and black gutters. Counter to that, the white interior creates suitable conditions for natural light, while the surrounding greenery brings warm colours into the interior. All materials are customised from the standard local vendor directory in order to maintain the budget on a minimum.
DK — Copenhagen, Amager




Peter Andersen, Ivana Mihaljević, Marko Radonjić

Marko Radonjić

Nomination for Store Arne Award 2019