mikro 020

The idea for parterre design derives from the need for reintroducing abstraction to visual communication and, more generally, to the public space of the city. After decades of domination of "concrete" and "understandable" designs based on the new traditionalism, and the inevitable influence of such solutions on an individual's aesthetic perception in Podgorica, proposing a project that contains random or unexpected elements poses quite a challenge. One can see the topographies of the Moon with bays, craters, hills, and similar formations visible in the evening, until contrast is heightened in the sky.

In future, it will be an ordinary thing to spend a summer holidays on moon. Until then we stay grounded. The designed space contains elements of park, playground and square such as sloping terrain for skate and roller skating, grass crater with wood, tunnel, benches, hill with sculpture or bamboo forest, allowing for the freedom of interpretation and modes of use. There is no instruction manual or unambiguous explanation of how to spend time here.
ME — Podgorica



Đorđije Kalezić, Marko Radonjić